Dyno Tuning

Dyno Tuning Fees
All Dyno Tuning fees are flat rate fees. These fees include dyno time as well as street drivability tuning. The fees associated with a dyno tune appointment are all inclusive plus tax. As long as no other work needs completed, this will be the extent of the costs.

AEM Series 1/AEM Series 2/Haltech
$1000 / Additional Map $500
*Car must be dropped off to ensure proper cold start and driveability. 

Cobb Tuning Accessport
Nissan GTR - $1000 / Additional Map $300
Subaru - $550 / Additional Map $300
Mitsubishi - $550 / Additional Map $300
Mazda - $550 / Additional Map $300
Ford -  $550 / Additional Map $300
BMW -  $600 / Additional Map $300
Volkswagen - $600 / Additional Map $300
Porsche -  $1,000 / Additional Map $300

UP-Rev / Osiris
Nissan Uprev Tune - NA - One Map $800 includes licensing fee / Additional Map $300
Nissan Uprev Tune - Turbo/Supercharged - One Map $900 including licensing fee / Additional Map $300

Open Source / ECU Flash
Mitsubishi Evolution VIII / IX
MAF Tune - $550.00 / Additional Map $300.00
Speed Density Tune - $600.00 / Additional Map $300.00

Mitsubishi Evolution X
MAF Tune - $550 / Additional Map $300

MAF Tune -  $550 / Additional Map $300

Hourly dyno charge of $110/hour to properly setup and calibrate the JB4.
Clean Up Fee - $100

If your car leaks ANY fluids on the dyno, there will be a $100 clean up fee added to your bill. It is imperative you follow the guidelines of the Pre-Dyno checklist before showing up for your appointment.

Mechanical Fee / Strapping - Unstrapping Fee
If at any point during your tune appointment the car needs mechanical work performed, the car must be unstrapped, removed from the dyno, fixed, and strapped back down to the dyno. We will not be performing any mechanical work on the dyno during your tune appointment.

There will be a $75 strapping/unstrapping fee assessed to your final bill.
The shop labor rate of $110/hour will be assessed for any mechanical work performed in this time. There is a minimum charge of one hour of labor added to your final bill for any mechanical work performed.

Lowered Cars

  • If your car is lowered, please raise the car up. If the car is too low to be put on the dyno, you will forfeit your deposit.
  • If your car has excessive camber, we will not put the car on the dyno.
  • If your car has stretched tires, we will not put the car on the dyno.

We make every effort to get lowered cars on the dyno safely. However, extremely lowered cars hinder us from properly securing the car to the dyno, and we will not be taking a risk. You will be asked to take the car home, raise the car up, and reschedule your appointment. This will also require another $100 deposit.

Please see Dyno Terms and Conditions to sign the release form before work is done.